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Fully visualized before breaking ground

The goal of our team is ‘To create better results for our clients by continuously improving construction
methods and practices through innovative implementation of technology’.

Virtual Design and Construction is a collective set of tools and process that will enable you to visualize every element of your building before it is ever built. 

VDC gives us the ability to visualize and experience every component of your project and see through walls to all the different systems before they exist in reality.

Our VDC processes provide all stake holders very powerful tools to collaborate and analyze all building
systems to identify areas of concern before construction work ever takes place on the project site. This helps in resolving major construction issues much earlier in the process and eliminates expensive fixes
and cost of time.

Virtual Design construction services

Smoother Delivery

  • Improved coordination, i.e. clash detection
  • Increase in Project safety
  • Reduces project delays
  • Finish smoothly – avoid mad rush at end of project
  • Fewer field RFIs/Questions

Cost and Schedule Savings

  • Fewer constructibility change orders
  • Reduced schedules

Improved Quality

  • Reduced operating cost through better coordination
  • Less waste and rework
  • Better quality through shop, i.e. prefabrication

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